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Escape from the Vampires
               aleria’s Monday afternoon was going very well.

          The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and
          everything was alright.  Everything was great until

          Valeria went into the kitchen to make a snack for

          her husband, Steven.

          She went  to the sink  to wash  her  hands.    While

          shaking them dry, she looked through the kitchen

          window expecting to  see  her  husband  Steven  in

          the yard.  What she saw instead, shocked her to

          the  point  that  she  could  barely  form  her  words


          Her  neighbour  ran  down  the  road  screaming,

          “Vampire!    Everybody  run!  Vampire!”      Closely

          following  behind  her  neighbour,  was  an  ugly

          looking creature.  Her neighbour tripped and fell
          and the vampire pounced on him. Valeria closed

          her eyes as she did not want to witness what was


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