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Escape from the Vampires

          Her  voice  was  a  mere  whisper  as  she  stuttered
          and  said,  “This…ca..can’t  be  happening.

          I..I..I..I must be dreaming.”  She was in a daze as

          Steven  appeared  and  crept  quietly  through  the

          yard,  so  as  not  to  attract  the  attention  of  the

          vampire  towards the front.  He locked all three
          locks on the door and then dragged Valeria away

          from the open kitchen window and locked it too.

          All  this  time, Valeria  was so  shocked and  scared

          that she couldn’t move a muscle.  Steven shook
          her  slightly  to  get  her  to  snap  out  of  the  daze.

          He  then  told  her  that  they  had  to  pack  some

          essential items, and that as soon as the vampire

          moved and went further down the road, they had

          to  leave  the  house  and  find  somewhere  safe  to

          The  couple  rushed  quietly  around  the  house.

          They were extra careful not to make unnecessary

          noise  and  alert  any  vampires  outside  that  they
          were still in the house. They grabbed their items

          such as their handgun and its bullets that they

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