Page 11 - Escape from the Vampires
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Escape from the Vampires

         They   decided to get as many materials as possible

         from the police station to help them survive their

         trip.  They found guns, binoculars and all kinds of
         weapons.  Steven thought it was best for them to

         leave since it was getting dark.

         On the way to the   hospital, they went back to the

         park.  They  found  a  lady  who  was  badly  injured.
         She  was  bitten  from  head  to  toe.  Suddenly,  she

         transformed into a vampire but did not harm them

         as  they  quickly  left  the  park  and  headed  towards

         the hospital.

         There  were  a  few  close  calls  where  they  had  to

         protect  themselves  but  they  made  it  safely  inside

         the hospital.

         The hospital was a mess.  There were people laying
         everywhere.    It  looked  like  a  war  zone.    They

         hurried  up  three  flights  of  steps  to  find  Valeria’s

         sister’s room on the third floor.

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