Page 10 - Escape from the Vampires
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Escape from the Vampires

         The baby was crying a lot and they realized it had a

         high  fever  so  they  gave  it  a  bath  in  one  of  the

         bathroom  sinks  to  try  and  lower  its  fever.    They
         changed the baby’s clothes and diaper and tried to

         make  him  comfortable.  The  baby  bag  had

         medicine  in  it;  so  they  gave  him  some  and  then

         gave  him  a  bottle  of  milk.  However,  despite  their

         best efforts, the baby died a few hours later.

         They  realized  they  couldn’t  stay  in  the  station
         forever and that the best solution was for them to

         make a stop at the hospital to see if Valeria’s sister

         was still alive and then get out of the city.

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