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— — County Vision — — We envision a complete county that capitalizes on the diversity of its its its people its its its geography and its its its economy to create a a a a broad range of choices for its residents in how they live work and play Learn more about the San Bernardino Countywide Vision on on our website ■ The Position
Join us at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health! This is is an an an exceptional opportunity to make an an an investment in in in your career at at one of the the largest and most dynamic public employers in in in the the country Our dedicated team is focused on on delivering services that impact population health health and and work to to ensure health health equity and and access to to all county residents We emphasize partnerships and and community collaboration to promote and and improve health wellness safety and quality of life in in San Bernardino County The Director of of Public Health is is the the the chief administrator of of the the the department and works in in conjunction with the the the County Health Health Officer Officer to ensure the the the continued health and safety of the the the County’s residents While the the the County County Health Health Officer Officer has responsibility for for medical decisions and authority under the the government code to enforce all health laws the the Public Health Director has the responsibility to to direct a a a a a comprehensive public health program by:
» » Developing and and administering public health services and and programs » » Managing a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a large multi-disciplined department with with over 900 full time professionals and and and and coordinating their work with federal state and local agencies » Administering the department’s fiscal operations implementing policies and and and procedures and and and ensuring compliance with applicable laws » Presenting information to community groups other government agencies and the the County Board of Supervisors The Director of Public Health will join a a a a a a a a strong Countywide leadership team focused on on on organizational performance leading the the development of of best practices and being a a a a a a beacon of of public sector excellence across the the country The Department provides various services and programs such as Animal Care & & Control Health & & Nutrition Services Emergency Preparedness & & Response Community Outreach & & Education and Environmental Health Services The Department’s service to the the community is guided by their values of collaboration diversity equity innovation and transparency Their goals are are to to have communities and environments support healthy lifestyles to to educate individuals and communities to to to make informed healthy decisions to to to have each individual be able to to to achieve his or or her full health health potential and to have health health services address community health health needs The Public Health Director reports to to a a a County Assistant Executive Officer To learn more go go to: Department of Public Health (sbcounty gov)

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