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■ The Ideal Candidate
The County seeks a a a a a a a a a a skilled administrator preferably with a a a a a a a a a a background in in public health health health health and human services or or or healthcare administration An expert communicator the Public Health Director will be able to to to to adapt to to to to a a a a a a a a a a a variety of different audiences and and subjects with ease This person will be eager to tackle new challenges and and deliver innovative solutions that will make a a a a a a meaningful impact on on the the residents of the the county every single day This person will embrace the the vast size of of the the County its its diverse population coupled with its its large number of of remote unincorporated communities who pose substantial challenges and work to to develop new strategies to to promote healthy living and provide access to a a a a a a a a full spectrum of public health health services See the Community Transformation Plan Collaboration humility and a a a a a a a a a a team approach are essential in this role – the next Director of Public Health needs to to be able stick to to the facts work with with data and steer through politics to to reach consensus with with relevant stakeholders The The Public Health Director will set the the tone and example for for the the Department’s culture The The County is looking for for someone with the the ability to reimagine public health service delivery in in in the the wake of COVID-19 by realigning people and and processes to to best serve the the public interest This work would extend to to major partners and and stakeholders with other County departments hospitals and service providers ■ Education And Experience
Five (5) or or or or more years of progressively responsible administrative or or or or management experience within a a a a a a a a large health or or or or human services organization with oversight for multiple programs operations personnel administration and fiscal/ budget administration should include in-depth knowledge of government Health and Welfare programs at at the federal state or or local level experience working with diverse interest groups developing and and implementing programs and and familiarity with current training models A A A Bachelor’s degree in in in in Public Public Health Health Health Public/Business Administration Administration Health Health Health Administration Administration Health Health Health Sciences Social Sciences or closely related field of study Master’s degree is preferred 

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