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County Counsel 9
Application and Selection Procedure
T his his position is is is open until filled To be considered for this exceptional career opportunity submit your application that includes resume cover letter and a
list of six work-related references (two supervisors two two direct reports and two colleagues who will not be contacted in the the early phases of the the process) Resume should reflect years and and months of of employment beginning/ending dates as as well as as size and and budgets of of organizations you have served Please go to to our our website to to submit your application: https://executivesearch cpshr us/JobDetail?ID=1711
For further information contact: Pam Derby
CPS HR Consulting
(916) 471-3126
E-mail: pderby@cpshr us Website: www cpshr us Selection Process
Resumes and and letters of interest will be screened in in in in relation to the criteria outlined in in in in this brochure Candidates deemed to to have the the the most most relevant qualifications will be invited to to interview with the the the consultant following which the the the most most qualified candidates will will be referred for interviews with the the Board of Supervisors An appointment to the the position will will be be made following comprehensive reference and and background checks to be be coordinated with the successful candidate 

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