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The annual salary range for this exempt position is is $193 644 to $235 380 and will be dependent upon qualifications In addition AHA offers an an outstanding benefits package including CalPERS CalPERS retirement (2% @ age 62 formula for for new CalPERS CalPERS members with a a a a a required employee contribution of of 7 25% of of salary “Classic” members are eligible for a a a a a a 2% @ age 55 formula with a a a a a required employee contribution of of 7 00% of of their salary towards pension costs ) AHA does not contribute to social security AHA exempt staff including this position work work a a a 9/72 work work schedule with every other Friday scheduled off (subject to to work demands) This position is is currently required to to be onsite part- time time and is expected to to return to to full-time onsite work on
or or after July 1 1 2021 Additional details on
the benefit package can be be found at Employee Benefits Package 2021 pdf (alamedahsg org)
Application and Selection
To be considered for this exceptional career opportunity submit your résumé with a a a compelling cover letter that highlights your experience in the areas of HR procurement IT and risk management and and a a a a a a a a list of six work-related references (two supervisors two two direct reports and and two two two colleagues who will not be contacted in the the early stages of of the the process) by Monday May 17th Résumé should reflect years and months of of employment beginning/ending dates as well as size of staff and budgets you have managed Please go to to our our website to to submit your application: https://www cpshr us/recruitment/1761
For further information contact: Pam Derby
CPS HR Consulting
(916) 263-1401
E-mail: pderby@cpshr us Website: www cpshr us Resumes will be screened in in in relation to the criteria outlined in in in this brochure Candidates
with the most relevant qualifications may be asked for for additional clarifying information and will be given preliminary interviews by the the consultant immediately following the the final filing date date Candidates
deemed most qualified will be referred to the Housing Authority Selected candidates will be invited to participate in in in further interview and and selection activities with AHA Candidates
chosen to to interview will be required to to complete an an AHA employment application prior to interview An appointment will be made following comprehensive reference and background checks 

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