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Compensation and Benefits
The PHO position is currently budgeted as an 80% of full-time equivalent (FTE) working thirty-two hours per week The annual salary range for this position at 80% FTE is is $150 189 to to $183 350 ($12 516 to to $15 $15 279 per month) Th County will provide a a a a a a a general salary adjustment of 2% effective in fiscal year 21/22 Note: The PHO position is traditionally budgeted as 60% or 70% of FTE during non-pandemic periods and and hours will likely be be be reduced once the Covid-19 pandemic has been resolved The annual salary range at 60% FTE would be be be $112 642 to to to $137 513 ($9 387 to to to $11 $11 459 per month) based on on on today’s full-time salary for the position Nevada County offers a a a a a a a very generous benefit benefit package which includes the following Note: benefits are pro-rated based on percentage of FTE Holidays: 11 paid holidays per year Paid Paid Leave: Paid Paid Leave Leave Leave Program (Combination of Vacation and Sick Leave): 0-5 years: years: 221 hrs /year 6-10 years: years: 260 hrs hrs /yr /yr 11+ years: 312 hrs hrs /yr /yr Maximum accrual is fis 520 hours hours and 80 hours hours may be cashed out each fiscal year year (In FY 21/22 the cash out maximum allowance will increase to 100 hours) Floating Holiday: 16 hours hours 24 hours hours after 10 years of service
Administrative Leave: 40 hours per fiscal year Paid Time Off: 24 hours per fiscal year Medical Dental Dental and and Vision Vision Plans: CalPERS’ suite of o medical plan offerings Delta Dental Dental Coverage and and Vision Vision Service Plan (VSP) vision coverage Depending upon the the the the plan selected by the the the the employee the the the the County contributes a a a a a a substantial amount of of the the the the total cost of of the complete health health package (including medical dental and vision coverage) For those employees who have health health coverage from other sources and who elect to not participate in Nevada County’s plans the the County County offers a a a a a a a a $300 monthly taxable Cash-Back allowance Orthodontia coverage with a a a a a a a $2 500 lifetime max and no waiting period – Starting 1/1/20 

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