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Life Insurance is provided by the County at a a a a a a a a value equal to to two times’ salary not to to exceed $500 000 and dependent coverage at $1 000 per spouse or or child Additional employee-paid supplemental life insurance is available for purchase Long-Term Disability Disability and Short-Term Disability Disability Insurance are provided by the County County The County County participates in California State Disability Insurance (SDI) fund for for short-term disability Employee Assistance Program Deferred Deferred Compensation: The County offers a a a a a a 457 Deferred Deferred Compensation Compensation program Deposits into this plan are strictly voluntary and are made through a a a a a a a a a payroll deduction on on a a a a a a a a a tax-deferred basis Longevity pay is available at at 2 5% 5% after after 5 5 5 5 years years years of of service
and 5% 5% after after 10 years years years of of service
(including 5 5 5 5 years years years at at the Department Head level) Flexible Spending Accounts
Retirement: The The County is in in the Public Employees’ Retirement Retirement System (CalPERS) coordinated with Social Security The The various Retirement Plans are listed below:
• Hired by by Nevada Nevada County County on on or or before 12/13/12 - 2 2 2 7% at 55 (Employees once employed by by Nevada Nevada County County under this retirement retirement formula would be eligible to to come back to to work for for Nevada County under the Classic retirement retirement formula) • Hired by Nevada County 12/14/12-12/31/12 or or employed with with another agency with with CalPERS or or reciprocal retirement prior to 1/1/13 and then started working for Nevada County with less than a a a a a a a 6-month break in in service
from prior employer - 2% at 60 • Hired by Nevada County on or or or after 1/1/13 with with no prior employment with with other CalPERS or or or reciprocal retirement prior to 1/1/13 - 2% at 62 Car Allowance of $400 per month Management Benefit Allowance of $1 000 per fiscal year Total Pay:
Total potential annual pay based on 80% of full-time is is displayed in the table below including base salary compensation for longevity pay after 5 years of service
car allowance and paid leave cash out Annual Salary ( 80 FTE) Longevity Pay Car Allowance 80 hours personal leave cash out Total $164 521
Step 1 Step 5 $183 350 $4 584 $4 800 $7 052
$199 789
$150 189 $3 755 $4 800 $5 777

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