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Founded in in in 1956 the the Housing Authority of of the the City of of Columbia Missouri provides safe healthy and affordable housing to low-income families and and individuals in in in Columbia and and Boone County The Columbia Housing Authority is is governed by by a a a a a five-member Board of of Commissioners appointed by by the the Mayor of of the the City of Columbia The five Commissioners serve staggered four-year terms and and are responsible for reviewing and and approving the CHA Annual Plan Plan Five Year Plan Plan Operational and and Capital Budgets new programs and and operational policies which
guide the the organization The Board of Commissioners hires and evaluates the the Chief Executive Officer who is is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations CHA is dedicated to to providing affordable rental housing to to families who are struggling financially and offers an an an array o of programs and services that are designed to promote economic self-sufficiency for families currently participating in in the Affordable Housing Housing & Resident Services and Section 8 Housing Housing Choice Voucher Programs With over 1 900 units of of assisted housing the CHA CHA represents approximately 9% of of Columbia’s rental market CHA’s two major housing assistance programs are subsidized by the U U U S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) The CHA offers a a a a a a a a variety o of affordable housing properties that provide rent subsidies to low-income families Families pay 30% of their their adjusted household income for rent Families must also pay all their their utilities The CHA owns and operates 747 units of subsidized affordable housing which
are well-maintained and and managed by trained and and certified property managers CHA offers Resident and Community Services that promote education self-sufficiency & independent living through its nonprofit nonprofit CHA CHA CHA Low-Income Services Inc Inc (CHALIS) a a a a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit nonprofit corporation CHALIS CHALIS has three main goals: to help children be ready to to enter and and and succeed in in in school and and and in in in life support families working toward family self-sufficiency and and and enable seniors and persons with disabilities to live as as independently as as possible CHA offers a a a a a a number o of resident services to include Moving Ahead After-School & Summer Program Program Family Self-Sufficiency Program Program Healthy Homes Connections Independent Living Program Annie Fisher Food Pantry and Money Smart The CHA has also formed multiple partnerships with agencies and organizations throughout the community as as as well as as as state and and federal agencies to fulfill our our mission and and achieve our our goals For more information visit http://www columbiaha com/
It is is the the mission of the the Housing Authority of of the City of of Columbia Missouri to provide safe and affordable housing opportunities to low-income individuals and families In carrying out this mission CHA will seek partnerships and and collaborative efforts with local organizations and and other governmental agencies that provide services to improve quality of life for CHA’s residents 

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