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Under general direction of of the the Board of of Commissioners the the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is is an executive leadership position with overall responsibility for the administrative and and professional work involved in in in in in planning directing and and coordinating the Columbia Housing Authority’s (CHA) affordable housing programs and related supportive services The CEO will serve in an an advisory capacity and Secretary to the the the Board of Commissioners for the the the CHA This role requires the the the application of of executive leadership and planning skills that include extensive knowledge of of affordable housing programs and and and supportive services financial management and and and accounting human resources and and and program compliance The new CEO shall have vast experience with short and and long-range planning the ability to research and and evaluate new sources of housing assistance and and the ability to plan and and administer comprehensive housing programs for low-income citizens This visionary and and innovative leader must have the ability to work with diverse populations possess exceptional community skills and and have considerable public relations skills 

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