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A few of the CEO’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
» Responsible for reporting to to the the the CHA CHA Board of of Commissioners and and working with them and and CHA Senior Staff to develop a a a a vision for for the organization and and provide guidance for for short and and long-term planning efforts » Ensures that the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Affordable Housing Programs maintain compliance with all all federal state and local regulations related to all all aspects of CHA CHA operations including all CHA CHA affordable housing properties and programs » Arranges and and provides staffing to to monthly Board Board Board meetings meetings Board Board retreats and special Board Board meetings to include creating the monthly Board meeting agendas writes resolutions and produces monthly management reports » Oversees legal compliance by the Department Department of of Finance
and and Department of Asset Management with all federal and and state regulations reporting requirements and executed agreements with low-income housing tax credit investors and other funding sources providing financial support to the the CHA’s affordable housing developments » Provides staffing and and guidance for the the the Boards of of Directors of of the the CHA’s CHA’s related entities including the the CHA’s CHA’s General and Limited Partnerships and the CHA’s two 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations CHA Low-Income Services Inc Inc and the Columbia Community Housing Trust » Supervises the the the Chief Operations Officer and the the the Director of Affordable Housing Programs in in in the administration
and and maintenance of the CHA Admission and and Continued Occupancy Policy the Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan and related affordable housing policies » With Board approval evaluates prepares and and and executes contracts for services and and issues RRP’s and and RFQ’s » Supervises the the the staffing of the the the Resident Advisory Board Board and and and participates in in Board meetings as needed Performs other duties as directed by the CHA Board of Commissioners » Directs the the the application of of the the the CHA Grievance Procedure and and the administration
of informal termination and and denial hearings hearings formal hearings hearings and court eviction proceedings » Exercises direct direct supervision over the the the Senior Leadership Team in in carrying out their responsibilities to ensure proper maintenance of all CHA properties processing housing assistance applications issuing Housing Choice Vouchers and leasing CHA affordable housing units in in in order to ensure maximum utilization of CHA housing assistance programs as as well as as hiring compensation training guidance of CHA employees and and disciplinary actions and and terminations » Works with the the the Director of of Safety Safety to to to coordinate the the the work of of the CHA Safety Department to investigate and report on any criminal activity on on CHA properties report lease violations issue trespassing warnings and other safety violations or violations of the CHA’s Crime-Free Housing Addendum » Executes all resolutions and and and and and orders of of of the the the CHA and and and and and the the the requirements of of the Department of of Housing and Urban Development Development Missouri Housing Development Development Commission the the City of Columbia and and other entities in in preparing and and signing contracts agreements and and other instruments and and organizing staff to carry out programs and compliance requirements » Cultivates and and maintains positive community relations with local state and federal elected officials » Administer CHA affordable housing properties to ensure compliance with program regulations and leasing documents to provide housing that is affordable accessible energy- efficient healthy safe and well- maintained » Responding to to requests for for information and/or interviews from the local media cultivating positive news stories about the the CHA and overseeing the the creation of press releases as as required » Supervises the the the development of of annual budgets and and and the the the PHA Annual Plan Plan and Five-Year Plan Plan for submission to the Board of Commissioners for approval » Create collaborative relationships with local agencies and organizations including the the City of of Columbia the the County of of Boone the the Columbia Public School District the the Chamber
of of Commerce the Heart of of Missouri United Way local educational institutions and and the network of health and and humans service agencies in our community for the benefit of CHA assisted households » Oversees the the the work of of the the the Director of of Finance
in in in in fin preparing and and and monitoring agency budgets and and finances and and the submission of of monthly financial reports to the Board of of Commissioners for approval Budgets and financial management include » Serve as as the the the CEO of of the the the CHA CHA CHA CHA and the the the Executive Director of CHA CHA Low-Income Services Inc Inc (CHALIS) in in seeking external financial support fin in in the form of grants fund raising endowments etc to support and and and expand the programs and and and services of the CHA CHA and CHALIS the CHA’s public housing housing and affordable housing housing projects the Housing Choice Voucher Program and related voucher programs and CHA component units » Coordinates community-based health and and and human services services in in collaboration with CHA CHA and CHALIS programming
for the the benefit of CHA assisted households and the the greater community with the the goal of of breaking the the cycle of of generational poverty and and assisting seniors and and persons with disabilities to live independently » Maintains positive public relations by participating in in in in various community committees task forces professional organizations and attending public meetings as the CHA’s representative » Supervises the Department of Asset Management and and and and Procurement in in in developing and and soliciting RFP’s and and RFQ’s including the advertising and evaluation of proposals/ qualifications received and making recommendations to the CHA Board of of Commissioners concerning the awarding of of contracts and agreements 

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