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The The salary range for this position is is commensurate with experience and and qualifications The The ideal candidate will possess ten (10) years years of of o professional experience preferably in public sector and/or non-profit management and and at least five (5) years years should should be at at at the senior management level with a a a a a a a a a a large multi-functioning organization Candidates should should have experience in in in in in in developing and and managing affordable housing properties and and programs Experience in in in in in in Public Administration is is a a a a a a a a a plus This position also requires extensive experience in fin in in financial planning administrative management management program management management and and and and compliance and and and and grant writing Candidates will be considered based on on on an an an an an an an accumulation of various experiences and and and and education so as to meet the qualifications needed for this position ■ APPLICATION & SELECTION PROCESS
The initial review of resumes will occur on on on Monday February 22 2021 To be considered for this opportunity please
submit a a a a a a cover letter resume and a a a a a a list of of six professional references: https://executivesearch cpshr us/JobDetail?ID=1727 Kylie Wilson
CPS HR CONSULTING 916-471-3325 kwilson@cpshr us www cpshr us/search
Resumes will be screened in in in relation to to the criteria outlined in in in this brochure Candidates deemed to to possess the the most relevant qualifications will be invited to participate in in in an an an interview with the the consultant in in in late February Subsequently the the most qualified candidates will be invited to interview with the the CHA Board in in in early-March An appointment is tentatively expected by late March March following the completion of in-depth reference and and background checks to be coordinated with the successful candidate 

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