Page 22 - The Altera Collection: Co-Ownership Program Details
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Managing the Portfolio
TRUST US US TO MAKE EVERYDAY DECISIONS BUT HAVE A A A A A SAY IN IN THE THINGS THAT MATTER TO YOU MOST In past Luxus offerings the the General Partner has had authority to make all the the strategic and day-to-day decisions such as property acquisition/dispositions securing financing budget development and and approvals and and overall vision adjustments required to align with market conditions Co-Owners in the Altera Collection will have greater control over key decisions but won’t get bogged down in in the daily decision making Important issues such as property acquisitions or or dispositions approving the annual budget or or how to finance a a a a a a a major renovation will be decided by a a a a a a a yearly Partnership vote The General Partner will research options and present the facts to Co-Owners allowing them to make an informed decision 

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