Page 23 - The Altera Collection: Co-Ownership Program Details
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Investment Term
LIFE AND AND CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE OFTEN AND AND SO DOES THE WAY WE TRAVEL With a a a a shorter horizon event cycle The Altera Collection will create an opportunity for co-owners to to decide how they want to to travel every 5-7 years An exit strategy with the possibility for reinvestment brings flexibility and ease to this co-ownership experience We know that properties often require more extensive maintenance and repair investment approximately every five years In a a a a a 5-7 year year cycle these more extensive repairs can be capitalized towards the the end of the the investment term rather than in in the the the middle of the the the investment life cycle The Altera Collection will feature an exit strategy process governed by the Partnership with a a a a a a liquidity option available to to anyone wishing to to exit by December 31 2028 The exit strategy process will begin in in year five or by the end of the year in 2026 

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