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6) I’ve always been in support of the underdogs, because they come with the most powerful storylines!! With the new generation of rappers dominating the game, do you see yourself as an Underdog? Ans. Not at all. The game - in my eyes - is governed by the following of trends. To each its own. I lead by example, thus I stray as far away from the mainstream as possible. I make no attempts at staying out of the way. To me the aforementioned phase has become an excuse!!! BEING IN THE WAY to me means living my life defying odds &/or trends, not adhering to them!! Or simply put; Leading by example... Actions speak louder than words, but when the 2 (word and action) coincide, it’s powerful!
7) I’m famous for putting artists on the spot, so I gotta put you in the hot seat too!! Lol. What do you feel like needs to change in the industry today?? Ans. Not a damn thing! I love where the industry is. It reflects the mentality of the masses - especially the youth. Every song that they put out depicts some facet of their life. It’s on the listener to determine it’s hotness or the lack thereof! Everything has its season. When our living conditions evolve, so will the industry...
8) On a more serious note.. you’ve overcome a lot of struggles in your lifetime, and we all understand how pain can become a person’s soundtrack. Define your idea of success?? Ans. When you learn to live with no regrets... A lot of people talk the no regrets dialog, but it’s something totally different to embody said principle. EVERYTHING that I went through in my life made me the MAN that I am today! Thus I don’t regret anything that I’ve ever done or anything ever done to me...
9) We started M.A.D.E Collections as a platform to connect the streets to the g- wall, and now we’re generating a major following. What is your ultimate goal in the industry? Ans. To prove that society’s way is not the only way. The connection between the streets and the beast is frowned upon by those in reputed power positions. Yet it’s validity is proving morning valuable everyday. Those in the beast keep many Returning Citizens on point while being kept relevant in a society that desires their voices to remain silent!
10) For the people who don’t understand your message, how would you describe what you’re exposing the game to?? Ans. An alternative way of thinking! If you’re not good with your life living it as you are, simply endeavor a new way of thinking. Why complain about your life? If you’re alive, then
you can change your living conditions... Start thinking differently and you’ll behave differently!
11) The love is unconditional God, and our movement will continue to move no matter the odds that we must defy!! Anybody you wanna shout out?? Ans. To those who continue to believe my next
move to be my final...
william "RAHIM" henderson
seohS yM nI klaW

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