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 Too many artists have come and gone in the Where game, and here at M.A.D.E Collections we Did wanna know where did they go??
They Go?
In 1995 rapper AZ entered our lives with his first single "Sugar Hill" featuring Ms Jones. His sound was something new, and his understanding of lyrical melody was amazing. AZ made the mafiosi swag popular beside his hip hop sidekick Nas. He gave us a long list of albums, and a guess feature in the movie "Belly." However, we haven't heard much else about him since.
Some of our favorite talents have disappeared, but they still hold a spot in our hearts.
Lloyd Banks was a metaphor champion, dropping verse after verse on "G-Unit's" legendary Mixtape collection. Banks definitely had an unforgettable flow, and it showed on almost every track that he blessed! From "The Hunger For More" to "The Rotten Apple" he gave us wordplay that we can't forget. With 50 Cent still being a hip hop icon, we have to wonder if we'll ever see Lloyd Banks again!
  We're fans of both Lloyd Banks and AZ, and we honestly wanna know where did they go? If you have some background on either of these artists, hit us up at:

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