Page 15 - CCNB Annual Report 2022
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   Case Study - Meet David (Age 15)
David was referred to The Way Back (TWB) Mental Health Program following admission to a local hospital emergency department after an episode that occurred between Christmas and New Year in 2021.
David was diagnosed by doctors with multiple mental health issues - depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, triggered by a recent break-up with his girlfriend and online learning through the COVID lockdowns.
Following a referral to TWB, a trained CCNB care coordinator explained how the program worked and was designed to be flexible to suit his individual needs.
In conjunction with David and his family, a safety plan was developed for when he felt at risk and a number of goals were created in order of priority from being linked to a male psychologist and other support networks.
"Thank you for being there for me and giving me the power to get better. I feel better about myself and can deal with my feelings and be open. I am grateful for my parents who encouraged me thanks to the program. I am lucky you were there."
- David

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