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                                    MENTAL HEALTH
                                                             The impacts of COVID-19 continue to take a toll on mental health, witnessed through increased referrals to CCNB services over the past year.
According to a scientific brief conducted by the World Health Organisation, the pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide.
Concerns over these increases saw most countries include mental health and psychosocial support in their COVID-19 response plans.
CCNB expanded its support through the GP Social Work Service, and its psychosocial recovery coaching program.
A GP can refer anyone to the service who has complex care needs and requires additional support or suffers from social isolation; carers at risk of stress or burnout; or people who may have hoarding tendencies or are living in squalor.
GP social work customers were supported by CCNB during the year
Hours of services were delivered to customers referred to the GP social work program
Dementia Advisory Service
Our Dementia Advisory Service continued to support a growing number of customers over the past year. Through education, it helped carers to prevent and support complex and challenging behaviours, as well as navigate the aged care environment and utilise appropriate dementia specific support services.
The service also helped link people with others who were facing similar challenges, through events such as the Chatter 'Cino catch ups and online 'Tips and Tricks' educational workshops.
The Way Back (TWB) Service
TWB support service was developed by Beyond Blue and is aimed at supporting people who have recently experienced a suicidal crisis or attempted suicide.
This service assisted a growing number of people during 2021-22, through collaboration with hospitals, community health teams, local GPs and by providing support to the individuals and families impacted.
TWB customers were supported by CCNB during the year
Hours of services were delivered to TWB customers

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