Page 19 - CCNB Annual Report 2022
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     During my internship with CCNB, I was able to develop my professional skills. I particularly found working within the CCNB team to be very useful in improving my current skills. Although I found some of the learning to be challenging, I found it to be valuable in developing my
- Nichole
Community Internship Program
CCNB offers a 12-month paid internship program, providing opportunities to individuals looking for a career change into the community sector, or for those who have completed a Cert IV in Community service. The internship program forms a valuable future employee pipeline.
During the 12-month program, interns are provided with hands-on experiential learning experiences to achieve quarterly outcomes across our business. They are also offered time to explore a specific area of interest in one of the CCNB service areas.
One intern commenced in January 2022, and another in May 2022.

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