Page 20 - CCNB Annual Report 2022
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   Our Extended Family
Our extended family is diverse and far reaching - from our volunteers who are integral to service delivery and social support, to other key initiatives that are helping to build community and influence social change.
Our volunteers play a key role in extending our reach into the community. Through their wonderful support we are able to help a much larger cohort than would normally be possible.
In any given month, approximately 175 volunteers supported 174 CCNB customers, providing 5,751 total volunteer hours over the previous 12-month period.
These volunteer hours were spent on a range of support services from walks and talks, to assisting with shopping, cooking, gardening, IT difficulties, or even providing transport to and from appointments.
Offering hope to those bereaved by suicide
CCNB, as part of the Wings of Hope initiative, continued to provide advice and support to individuals and families bereaved by suicide over the past year.
On International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day (November 20, 2021), we organised a memorial gathering at the Balmoral Headland to bring people together to provide comfort and understanding from others through the sharing of stories and lived experience.
       Pictures from the 2021 Memorial Gathering

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