Page 5 - CCNB Annual Report 2022
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  face-to-face events. This is a free CCNB service and one that saw event registrations increase by 185% over the past 12-months.
As the aged care landscape continues to evolve, we have heightened our clinical governance by aligning committee member skills with CCNB offers, focusing on social care governance. I am confident these changes will ensure we are well-placed to meet increasing reporting measures and future governance requirements.
Financial Overview and Investing in Our Future
As I mentioned, our sector is facing seismic changes in the future, from significant regulatory reform post the Royal Commission, to high industry staff turnover and substantial shortages of skilled labour to deliver a quality service.
This is reflected in CCNB’s financial results for FY22. We continued with strong delivery of services at the top line however with a distinctly lower return on the bottom line. This is almost entirely due to the organisation’s significant investment in future staffing and service delivery. Throughout the year, we continued our focus on investing in our future through new and improved technology, reducing key person risk and building team capacity and capability.
One thing we learnt from the pandemic, and continue to learn, is that digital transformation is intrinsic to the success of modern businesses. These ongoing investments will ensure we can continue to deliver essential services to our community.
Even in our core seniors’ market, many customers learnt to be agile and adapt to the online world where possible, embracing the opportunity to catch-up via ZOOM or chat to a doctor via a Telehealth consultation.
Our Invaluable Volunteers and the Community Volunteer Program
Our volunteer program continues to assist many members of our community through social support activities. These can include face-to- face visits for a chat, walks and talks, shopping assistance, meal deliveries, gardening, IT support, transport to appointments, walking/feeding dogs, help with general home organisation or paperwork, picking up medications, playing tennis or supporting customers into the Belong Club, where they can enjoy a higher level of social connection.
For some people, a CCNB volunteer may be the only contact they have with another human, and often it is volunteer feedback provided to CCNB that might identify the need for further support requirements. Sometimes, it might even be the catalyst to contact families that live a long way away to inform them of their loved ones welfare, or even signal the need for an ambulance.
In any given month, between 150-180 volunteers assist vulnerable people in our community to live a better life.

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