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In fact, our VOICE survey, which was largely completed by our aged care clientele, stated that 90% of our respondents could use a smartphone and were happy to receive more digital communication from us via this method.
Additionally, we identified that to provide better support to our customers required us to rethink our care model, shifting from one-on-one service delivery to that of a 'team' approach. Providing a 'circle of care' rather than individual case management, ensures we will always have someone available to help our customers when they need us.
Strategic Overview
During the past year, we were fortunate to welcome our new CEO, Kaz (Karen) Dawson, as well as two additional members to our Board, Virginia Hazard and Osanda Wijeratne.
Kaz comes to us with a huge amount of experience in the community sector and I am excited about working with her and the broader team to deliver an even brighter future for CCNB. Under Kaz’s leadership we have embarked on a strategic review, focused on aligning the organisation and its services with our expanding footprint and impact. The outcomes of this strategic review will start to be realised over the course of the next 12 months.
I am under no illusion that the business landscape going forward will be tough, however, as a small organisation our success will be driven by our ability to remain agile and focused on delivering extraordinary services. Services that still need to generate profit, but profit for purpose as we reinvest in our organisation. Without profit we cannot invest in our people and improved solutions for our customers.
We are committed to innovate and be the best at what we do in our industry. I look forward to what lies ahead.
Chris Liell-Cock - CCNB Chairperson
          CEO INSIGHTS
                                     As I settle into the role as the new CEO of CCNB, I am so proud to be part of an organisation helping so many people to get the most out of life every day.
I am particularly grateful for work done by my predecessor, Gary, and the decades of amazing community support upon which CCNB is founded.
Having spent many years in the not- for-profit space, I am aware of how often it takes the proverbial village to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and their families, and so I'm enjoying getting to know the team, as well as our many partners.
Given the many changes and challenges we are likely to face during this time of sector reform, we are turning our mind to our vision and strategy for the future.
I am buoyed by the strength and expertise within CCNB upon which we can draw, and I look forward to working with all our stakeholders to continue shaping a brighter future.
Kaz (Karen) Dawson - CCNB CEO

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