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 Our Services
CCNB's offering expanded over the past year to help support the growing needs of our community.
From our core business of aged care, disability and mental health services, we played a bigger part in assisting with referrals from GPs. These were generally to either support elderly customers needing additional support at home, or for younger patients needing mental health support.
In most instances, we were able to accommodate the GP referrals and provide the supports and services needed to meet increasing community demand.
We did this through building capacity and adding an additional 66 service or goods providers into our available pool.
Furthermore, our wonderful volunteers provided another layer of support by offering an additional 2,226 face-to-face hours over the previous year. We are extremely grateful for all they do to assist CCNB and the local community.
We also invested in our teams and implemented a new learning and development framework. This was designed to equip staff with the right skills to best help our customers.
Throughout the year, we watched the hardships that our community faced from pandemics to floods, and wherever possible tried to ensure that our services and supports remained constant and unaffected.
New Smart Care Solutions
CCNB partnered with Intelicare to offer their InteliLiving system as part of our Smart Care Solutions service offering to customers.
The InteliLiving system is a digital solution that offers a four layered process. At the basic Layer 1 entry, it monitors health and provides insights into wellbeing via sensors and feedback.
By the time Layers 3 and 4 have been added, it identifies health issues prompting SOS alerts and through the tracking of data, places the user on a predictive care pathway.
Smart Care solutions are designed to enable users to continue to live safely in the place they choose to call home.
Benefits of Smart Care Solutions:
Peace of mind for families/circle of care knowing their loved one is safe and they will be alerted should an incident occur
Greater insight into their current health situation using individual health data
It offers a discreet technology solution that doesn't invade privacy
Often it can be funded as part of a HCP or NDIS package
More information on Smart Care Solutions can be obtained from the CCNB team.

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