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                                    AGED CARE
                                                             The aged care landscape continues to evolve, with a range of measures to improve accountability and transparency placed on the provider sector. These recommendations came out of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.
Many of these measures relate directly to the regulation of aged care, which will see an expansion of the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) into home services from December 1, 2022. A Code of Conduct for aged care providers, workers and governing persons, will be implemented at the same time to strengthen provider governance.
While some of these reforms do not become mandatory till late 2022, CCNB took steps to ensure that it is was well supported to implement any changes. It did this by welcoming new members to its clinical governance committee that had skills aligned with our service offerings.
The Committee focused on social care governance, recognising that clinical care is a component of the care we provide.
Social care enables our customers to optimise their clinical needs according to individual needs, values and preferences.
During the year, we also worked with service providers (particularly in response to COVID impacts) to ensure CCNB met all health department compliance orders and remained committed to keeping our customers safe.
Keeping Well and Keeping Independent Program
CCNB received a grant from the Sydney North Primary Health Network to assist the over 75's who were not linked to any existing government home care support packages.
Through this grant, we could accept GP referrals of elderly patients who needed help establishing and accessing the supports and services they needed.
Health Independence Awareness
CCNB, through its registered nurses, established a health awareness series, aimed at educating the senior population around issues and concerns affecting the elderly.
The education was presented through newsletter and website articles or workshops held face-to-face or online.
Some of the topics covered included dementia advice, how to keep your home environment safe and how to look after yourself during hot weather.
Aged care customers were supported by CCNB during the year
Hours of services were delivered to customers

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