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Congratulations to Daniel Anderson who became our latest First Grader this season while playing for Northern District. He joins an impressive list of our Juniors to achieve this milestone – records, in order of achievement, since 1990 are; Mark Watkins (Gordon), Kurt Morrison (Gordon & Captain), Cameron Eve (ND’s), Peter Whitehead (Balmain), Jonathan Tait, Robert Eddy, Daniel Friedrich, Chris Thorburn, Michael Friedrich, Luke Quinlivan, Robert Watts, Jono Whealing (Capt.) and Brendan Ham (all ND’s).
What might have been
Did you know that way back in 1946 when our Club was reformed after the war-years break, our Club emblem was decided. There were 2 options considered – nothing (just the words WPHCC) or what was then (and still is) a local icon – Koala Park. The Committee back then chose just the initials but, we are told by (very) long termers that we came close to being the Koala’s. Just imagine a tight game that may have a bit of niggle and encouraging comments are made from Team mates “Go the Teddy’s”.
We became the Waratahs through an accident in 1990/91. After A1 won their first Final in 1990/91, the Caps came back from the Association with the wrong emblem – a Waratah from the old Hornsby RSL Cricket Club – no longer in existence. It looked good and we kept it.
“What’s my Test number going to be dad?”
Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows was sharing a story about his young fella who plays U8s. His young bloke was upset when he understood what had happened during the week when discussion got on to Phillip Hughes Test number 408. He asked his father what his Test number will be to – from the mouths of babes.
   Star struck:
  Aditya Khemka (D2) is an orthopaedic surgeon when he isn’t playing cricket. During the season he went to Perth to meet up with Brian Lara. Anyway, Adi also had the chance of having dinner with the great man. One question he asked was how he went about scoring 500 in a Test match innings. Having to come back to play cricket he was opening the batting and was talking to Peter Westerberg (legendary D2 Skipper) about the meeting. Fast forward
to the game and a single was called. Unfortunately, Adi was still thinking about the meeting and was left stranded in the middle of the wicket and was run out for 14. Obviously one bit of advice Brian should have given is to watch the ball.
James McBrien (A2) was with the Western Sydney Giants at the Gold Coast and got the call that he was needed on the weekend. Answering the call, James flew down from the Gold Coast to play at Greenway Park. The flight arrived late at 1.15 pm. Our boys batted first and with 8 wickets down in the 29th over still no James – held up in traffic. He arrived at the ground with 2 overs to go and didn’t face a ball. As compensation for not batting he was given a bowl and finished with 2/4 from 2 overs.
Sharp as a bowling ball
Lachlan Vile (A1)
We have a number of entries each season on the at times brilliant insights / comments made by our players. Lachlan (Space Cadet) Vile, an outstanding young player on the field who plays A1, was thinking deeply about cricket as he sometimes does, and asked the A1 boys why we hadn’t heard much from Tony Greig on the Channel 9 cricket coverage recently.

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