Page 25 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2014-15
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Daniel Fiedler (B1)
I believe that the sun will shine tomorrow, that winter will come and that night follows day, or is it day follows night and that...Phil Wurth scored 200 in the A2 Grade 40 over a side 1-dayer. Enter the talented Daniel Fiedler and university graduate who was told and believed that Phil got a double ton in the 1-dayer on the weekend. He actually did get 88 but this is a long way short of the big double.
Eric Junkkari (C1)
You have got to hand it to the great Eric Junkkari. Coming back to the Club after a less than enthralling day’s play after one of those forgettable draw’s, Eric had no idea of the score other than the match finishing in a no result. To quote the great man when asked about the result: “I have no idea – I was standing in the sun all day and don’t remember anything”.
Thanks for coming
James Makin (A1 Captain and left) was opening the batting at The Glade on Saturday and was fortunate to have his lovely wife (Fiona) and the 3 kids turn-up to watch dad play. Everything was going well until they decided to leave – big waves goodbye and everything you would expect from a justifiably proud family. Just as they turned to walk away –James got out. As they say in the classics – thanks for coming.
The warm-up
If it is good enough to dish it out it is good enough to cop a bit so here goes. Your friendly editor (Ross Anderson) was making a comeback for his first game of the season in C2 after recuperating from hip surgery. So far so good. The problem started with his family who insisted on doing a warm-up before
going out to play – this is something that hasn’t been done for many years. Despite protests that it wasn’t necessary the warm up happened and with it a strained thigh muscle. There won’t be any further warm-ups.
Flash back
This brings back to mind another injury written up in our soon to be released History. Chris Williamson (B1) has this distinction. Picture this – Chris doing his stint of umpiring and in this intensively active role he managed to pull a muscle and leave the field. Not sure which one is more embarrassing but they will both rank ‘up there’.
The quiet achievers
We have a few ‘smokies’ in the Club who are achieving big things but without much hype. Keep a watch on Riley Miedler (A1). Riley is only 21 years of age and this season took his 200th career wickets. The Club record aggregate is 623 wickets by the great David Carey. Riley is the youngest to achieve this milestone. Watch this spot.
Let’s not also forget his A1 bowling partner – Matt Jobson. Apart from being our most successful Premiership winning player to have played A1 (4 Premierships) / A2 (2 Premierships and a runner up) plus 3 T20 A1 Competitions, Jobbo took his 250th wicket – all in his mid 20s. Two amazing players who are both capable of re-writing our history.
“I’m seeing them pretty well”
Gav Taylor is one of those rare talents that we are lucky to have as part of our A1 side. In the Semi Gav had a problem with his protector – it kept falling down between his legs due to a hole in his undergarments. Not quite sure how the hole got there but it made keeping the protector in place problematic. So Gav, confident he was seeing the ball pretty well, decided that he didn’t need one and gave it to the unfortunate player who had to take it off the field. Gav continued batting and survived the day intact.

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