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A Champion Team
Many elite Teams have an obsession with themselves but not our A1 boys. Last season after one of their rare bad days and a big loss, the boys decided to sponsor a Team in Blow Fly Cricket (cricket for the disadvantaged) for $130 rather than blow it on a boozy recovery night. Mark Rushton (Association Life Member and former President) called to let me know that this year they upped the ante with a Team donation of $260 – no fuss and no big show just a donation. Led by Bill Peterkin, the Team has shown yet again that they are a class act both on and off the field – well done boys.
A first
In the SPL Grand Final our Reds played the Blues. This is the first time in our Association (Seniors) history, that 2 Teams from the same Club played in a Grand Final. This is a rare but not unique achievement in Juniors.
The Tea Break
The story behind the big SPL Grand Final between our Red (Minor Premiers) Vs the Blues (3rd) on Sunday (14 March) is what happens at the Tea Break. The Reds, were led by Club Great Simon ‘Sumpty’ Smyth and the Blues by the outstanding Rob Aitken. The Blues will pull out the Gatorade and maybe a bit of water. The Reds will have ample supplies of water to wash down the Voltarin’s and Panadeine Forte’s to get them through the next session.
The dominant force
Our A1 attack is the best in the A1 by a long way with the last side scoring 200 against us way back on15th December 2012 and this was just 9/214. How about this for an imposing attack:
• Matt Jobson – 250 wickets
• Matt Spalding – 244
• Scott Henderson – 213
• Riley Miedler – 197
• Peter Stott – 192
• Sol Tomlinson – 138
This is a total of 1,234 wickets in experience. Add to this James Makin who rarely bowls (367 wickets) plus Ranga (30) plus others....this goes a long way to explaining our bowling dominance. Add the leadership of James Makin who is by a long way the best leader in the A1 Comp and the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place explain our dominance over the last 4 years.
Old boy’s reunion
Our new President, Andrew Miedler was chatting to some of the boys at the A1 Grand Final and thought it would be a good idea to have an old boy’s reunion. The response was that we already do – it is called C1 and C2 Grade.
The planets aligned in A1 Grade on the weekend. In last year’s Grand Final we rolled ARL for 67 to win a thriller. Roll the clock forward 12 months and the boys rolled Berowra for the identical score of 67 but this time on a belter of a wicket.
Ross Anderson Secretary

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