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U11 White team
We had a very exciting season this year. We were lucky to welcome to our team some excellent young cricketers and the team bonded very quickly. Each and every one of the team arrived at training and match days determined to do their very best and to enjoy their cricket this season and knew that being part of a team provides valuable lessons in life with them really beginning to understand the true meaning of mateship. For most of the team this was the first season of playing where getting out really does mean OUT and the kids were pushed to the edge of their comfort zone. It was fascinating to watch how they adapted to this tough new game and how they set about their batting with this in mind.
We had a wonderful season with the team winning all of their Round matches and this was thanks to contributions from each and every one of the 13 in the squad. We had consistent run scorers and those that perhaps did not reach the heights of previous seasons did make significant contributions nonetheless. None of us will forget Viren and Amar batting together for over an hour against Castle Hill Green adding well over 70 runs, Michael and then Viren helping Tom see us over the line against Kissing Point Blue when all looked lost adding over 35 for the last 2 wickets. Wickets were spread around very evenly with excellent bowling from the entire squad and every wicket taken was celebrated by all as if it was their own. We all celebrated Viren’s first wickets in a season and a half as if he was taking them in the World Cup Final, and for Nick’s 3 wicket burst against Castle Hill White.
Sadly after Christmas we suffered with having a Bye just when we needed a tough game, and our season ended with a loss in the semi-final against Pennant Hills when all of the hard work we had done in learning to protect our wickets against the new ball were forgotten. I was immensely proud of the way the team fought back with the ball and with a bit more luck we might have pulled off a miracle win. It did teach the team that they must treat every moment of every game on merit and they need to remember that they have all had a fantastic season and all have definitely ended the season as far better cricketers than they started.
The rallying around each other this season has been great to watch. The entire squad have been so supportive of their teammates, whether it is one having a tough time with family health worries, or the support of the two that had to be left out of the final 11 for our semi-final. Under 11 White have really matured as individuals this season.
We could not have had the successful season without all the support I have had this season. My huge thanks to Shaun for all his help at training, for Shaun, Matt and Viru who shared the umpiring duties and for all of our wonderful parents who scored, set up the ground, looked after the kit, supported the team with so much enthusiasm and most importantly kept the caffeine levels high with regular coffee shop runs.
It has been a privilege to coach the Under 11 White Team this year. They are a great group and I hope that they are already looking forward to doing it all again next season.
Graham Chivers Coach

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