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U12 Red
This season for U12 Red saw 5 new players this year were 2 of them who played for the U12’s in the previous season and 3 that have never played before. The boys made them very welcome and some of them knew each other from school, which made the synergy in the team great right from the start.
The start of the season was not the best but it went from strength to strength throughout the season. There were a number of highlights throughout the season but just to mention a few: I will never forget the quote of the season by Alex when he was batting and scored his first run of the season. He hits a thick edge pass Gully and sets off with his bat in the air yelling yippee. Unfortunately his was caught on the next ball he faced. Alex’s spirit to the game was a very refreshing thing to see.
Besides the improvement of the bowling of this next player it was more to do with a catch that “Crocodile” plucked out of the sky while playing one other West Penno team. This was a one handed catch jumping backwards in a fly-slip position. The look on his face said everything and I don’t think that left his face for a long time.
All the boys have improved their bowling this year but I must make a special mention to Ajuna, Richard, Adi, Ben, Arnav, Hugh and “Paza the Tank” Parin.
With all the good bowling there was also some good wicket keeping from Samarth, Ben and Richard. Throughout the season the fielding efforts went from the training sessions straight out on the field on the weekend. There were a number of fantastic run-outs from the great arm of Ajuna, Saarujan and Eddie (Adi) and a number of magic catches from Samarth, Keeley, Arnav and the one that Hugh should be in the Classic Catches for the year.
Team spirit was very evident this year and one of the things we pride ourselves on was it didn’t matter what the result was but more to ensure that the kids improved. The effort that they put in at training really showed in the weeks ending the season.
I would like to thank Sreeni and those parents who volunteered to umpire and scoring. I would also like to personally thank Daniel Heidegger who took out time to come and help with some training sessions.
Perry Waldron U12 Red Coach
     U12 Red Players Enjoying the moment

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