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U12 Gold
Off the back of a fantastic season that saw our boys reach the grand final in 2013/14 all our boys committed to another season with their mates. These boys are about team, cricket and fun. This all comes together in a post wicket celebration where our boys chant the names of the successful wicket taker whilst holding onto one another in celebration. We have been proud to receive remarks from other teams on our boy’s sportsmanship and camaraderie.
This season saw many of our boys take their game to the next level. Vino held his wicket against one of the best bowlers our opposition could muster in the final few overs of a game that saw us survive to day 2 in the semi final. With a strong bowling attack from all the boys with a special mention to Joey, Patrick, Sachman, Luca and Alastair, with Al decimating the batting attack of Normanhurst with a 4 wicket haul.
The boys are a team of all rounders and this extended to our fielding. We held some amazing catches through the season with Oli taking a high ball running backwards (one of the best ever) and Rajat hitting a 6 against the premiers Thornleigh that would have made the SCG roar. A number of the boys made their first 50 not out including Matt, Oli, Luca, Patrick and Alastair. What was pleasing to see was the effort they all put in. Alex fielded like a champion whilst injured as did Joey in what would turn out to be a multiple fracture to his hand. Our wickies Michael, Reyhan and Al played critical roles in saving our batting attack on a number of occasions (let alone stopping the pace of our bowlers!). However if you asked the boys what was the highlight - our traditional KFC stops throughout the season would win. Thank you to all the boys, our coaches, managers and families for all their support of another fun filled season. We ended the season second on the ladder incurring our second loss of the season in the semis. We unfortunately lose a few boys to school commitments and moving up next year. We wish all our boys success and know that everyone will have many great memories from the last few seasons as Team Gold.
Lisa Vasic
U12 Gold Manager
U12 Gold Celebrating a wicket U12 Gold Post Match KFC
U12 Blue
This year the U12 Blue team welcomed 3 new faces. Josh and Thomas were both new to the game and Ansh returned to the club after a year’s break.
After winning the competition the year before it was a goal of ours to get baggies for the new boys. The season started well with a win 1st up followed by an outright win which was almost a 1st Innings lost. We learnt from those 2 games that if we played at our best we would be hard to beat, and if we lost concentration in others the game could be lost.
Throughout the season there were some very impressive and consistent performances by Zac and Brad who finished 2nd and 3rd on the Association Batting, and our Wicket Keepers Shaun and Riley both excelled behind the stumps. Along with Ansh they topped our bowling to boot. Over the course of the year we improved
our bowling and reduced the number of wides and no balls bowled. Our fielding again was the best in the competition, due in large to our concentration and our endeavour to own the Centre Wicket and aggressive fields.
You can very proud of the way you conducted yourselves on the field and the level of sportsmanship you showed over the course of the year. We finished the season as runners up, a game that could easily have gone our way, but it wasn’t to be.

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