Page 42 - West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club Yearbook 2014-15
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Under 13 Gold
Congratulations to the boys for a great season and making it to the semi-finals. They did start nervously; unsure of themselves in the newly merged team. However as was evident to all, the boys settled in nicely as a team. Their confidence in themselves and the team had grown as the season progressed. They are a terrific bunch too. They have played hard but fair and have shown remarkable attitude and behaviour at training and on match days. I am immensely proud of this team and what we have achieved.
Cricket is a team sport and it is the team that either wins or loses. However it is also the individuals that make the team. Here is the list of things that stood out this season:
• Liam’s Bowling: the hard work and focus that he has put in at training has been remarkable. From despair at start of the season to opening the bowling he is a shining example of what attitude and hard work will achieve. I am positive that he will continue to grow in stature as a bowler.
• Tejas’s Batting: I still remember Tejas’s nervousness to bat at no.11 in the first match of the season. He wasn’t keen to go out in the middle. To remove that fear, I asked him to open in the next match and he hasn’t looked back. He has grabbed that opportunity and made the openers slot his very own with some great knocks.
• Rowan enjoyed his batting. He was last year’s best batsman and could bowl a bit. Oliver was a keeper and could bat a bit. These two are now the feared opening bowling pair in the competition. I am a firm believer
in their skills as a bowler. I expect great things off them in the future. Well done, boys. Stay focused and keep working hard. It’s not talent that matters. It’s what you do with it. They are gifted attacking batters too. I am still waiting for the day when they will tear into the opponent’s bowling attack together. Hopefully it will be this weekend.
• The twins: one is a great keeper and the other a very good bowler. Matt’s growth as a keeper continues to impress everybody. He hasn’t given a single bye in the last 4 matches when he has kept. Despite missing out most of the season, Dan has continued his good form with the bowling. More importantly though, as is evident to everyone, they set standards for others with their behaviour on and off the field. Who could forget Matt giving himself out or Dan declaring a four after chasing a ball hard, diving to stop it and after cheers from the parents and the team for saving a possible four, he declares it a four. Boys you are a credit not just to the team, but to the entire association.
• Varun: the baby of the team. He retired most of the innings last season on 50. This season though, he has been unable to break the shackles of the 20s and has been desperate to get a 50. So it took a brave coach (and a foolish dad) to retire him on 45 in the game against Pennant Hills. However the little champ bore it with a smile realising the team needed an out-right to get the team to the semis. Proud of you, little fella. He has also had a terrific season with both bat and ball.
• Nick: I could write pages on the talent that he possesses. Sport though is played more in the mind than out there in the field. At the end-of-match team session against Castle Hill, the whole team remarked as to how Nick was smiling. It was evident to some of the parents too. Paul and Craig observed the same remarks after last Sat game. Its great to see him relax and deliver on his talent (he was a star against Pennant Hills with bat and ball). Keep smiling Nick and you will realise your potential more.
• Sam: Love his stylish batting and regard his bowling talent very highly. Again sport is played more in the mind. While the opponent’s bowling hasn’t got him out this season, he has got himself out every time. Despite his disappointment that lasts for 10 minutes or so, he is back with a smile and keenness to correct his flaw at the next match. His remarkable desire to perform and an open attitude to listen and learn will take his game far. I expect to see him score a mountain of runs next season. Keep working hard Sam and learn to relax. I am sure you will achieve and surpass your own benchmarks.
• ItwasaninconsolableJohnthattrudgedoffthefieldafterthegameagainstCastleHill.15minuteslaterandatthe end-of-match team session he could not still hold back his emotions. He was desperately sad that he could not take the team past the score. As the rest of the team patted him (some even gave him a hug) and consoled him, It was an immensely proud coach who could not have asked more from a player. This is what team sport is all about. John, you may have not won the match that day. You won the admiration and the loyalty of your team mates.
• Talent, energy and mischief bundled as one – best describes Will and his approach to the game. Who can forget his jumping around on the pitch with both arms in the air after his first six. That innings was the best I have seen from a young cricketer – focus, technique (lots of straight bat) and aggression – all in equal measure and on merit. His ability to focus and strive to deliver above his potential every single time is a remarkable attribute that is going to stand him well – in cricket and in life.

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