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U14 Blue Team
It was a pleasure to coach the under 14 blues this year. What a great bunch of young men! We focussed on participation over results and to play as a team. The boys who were available, bowled equal overs each week with remaining going to the captain/coaches pick. The boys had equal fielding time and we did our best to share the batting equally without shattering batters confidence. All our games were close and although we finished 6th, most teams had to bowl their stars their maximum overs to scrape home to beat us!
Anthony Shramko Oliver Maybury Scott Chapman Jason Smart James Reynold Harry Parthipan Rowan Love Mahir Khan
William Deardon Jessie Singh
Archie Dudding Rhys Williams Manu Singh
27 overs, 11 wickets, 9 innings, 90 runs, HS 32, 2 catches.
Awesome first season buddy!
40 overs, 12 wickets, 9 innings, 188 runs, HS 61. 5 catches.
Our best all-rounder!
34 overs, 5 wickets, 9 innings, 83 runs, HS 27, 5 catches.
Massive bowling improvement, some unbelievable catches. Can bat when he wants to!
42 overs, 10 wickets, 10 innings, 144 runs, HS 46. 2 catches.
Bowled against the best and still took wickets! Great stroke player.
43 overs, 9 wickets, 9 innings, 77 runs, HS 28, 3 catches.
One of the best quicks in the comp! Great potential with the bat also.
31 overs, 1 wicket, 9 innings, 159 runs, HS 40, 4 catches.
Great all-rounder. Deserved more wickets. Thanks Harry for opening and helping keep wickets.
47 overs, 4 wickets, 10 innings, 191 runs, HS 45, 5 catches.
Great all-rounder. Our best bat for year. Also kept and improved every match.
39 overs, 4 wickets, 6 innings, 15 runs, HS 5, 4 catches.
A quick swing bowler and superstar fielder who took some howlers! Season interrupted with injury.
28 overs, 3 wickets, 9 innings, 91 runs, HS 20, 3 catches.
Very quick and carried some injuries. Developed into a genuine opening batsman!
35 overs, 3 wickets. 4 inning, 2 runs, 1 catch. Played up a year.
Bowled better than figures suggest. Huge improvement with his ground fielding. Well done Jess.
24 overs, 2 wickets, 6 innings, 10 runs, HS 5, 3 catches.
Amazing improvement with the ball and fielding. Ended up as one of our best in covers!
27 overs, 8 wickets, 8 innings, 81 runs, HS 20, 2 catches.
Our most improved! Look at those figures. A true all-rounder in the making.
26 overs, 8 wickets, 5 innings, 15 runs, HS 5, 1 catch.
Wow, what an improvement. Took vital wickets every time he bowled and can swing the ball both ways!
Well done boys. You all scored runs, all took wickets and all took catches. A great team effort!
Murray Chapman Coach

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