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Yet another great start to a season with 3 wins from 3 games plus a mutually agreed tie due to player unavailability from both sides gave us a confident indication that we were in a strong position for the season.
Unfortunately this feeling was short lived with a few losses and a bye leading up to Christmas and with 2 teams leaving the competition the season seemed to unravel. A change to the draw after Christmas from a schedule that still gave us a chance to make the finals to one that put us up against the top 3 teams did not help our cause and alas our last chance as juniors to make the finals disappeared.
Not to be totally disheartened by this we turned our focus to the Kimbo Cup where we took on our 2 WPHCC U15 teams and proceeded to win both games gaining our highest ever total points score of 56 which turned out to be enough to take out the Cup so well done to the boys on finishing their Junior cricket on a high note
This season saw contributions from all the boys, which was great to see and just showed how if one player was struggling someone else would step up. This was reflected in the overall stats of the season. Once again there was some great bowling performances this season from a few of the boys with Jasdeep just ahead of Harry on averages with 8 wickets each, Isaac with 6 and Patrick 5 so well done to those guys.
From a batting point of view there were a few who stood out with Harry scoring an unbeaten century as
well as an 83 retired and 38. Well done to Harry with his top score of 101 not out and a total of 265 for the season. Also well done to Kyle with 240 including an unbeaten 78 and Adam with 157 including an unbeaten 50. Once again where there are highs there are inevitably some lows and this was the case with many more brain fades when batting throughout the season.
Our team player award went to Tom P who took 3 wickets, scored 108 with a top score of 48, 2 catches and 2 run outs. His attitude, energy and motivation at both training and at the games were second to none and this approach to not only his cricket but also life always is assured to lift his team mates around him so well done.
Thanks to James, Gav, Steve, Vishnu and Manish for showing up each week and taking control of the umpiring for me. To Nic I would have been lost without you taking on the task of scoring every week so a huge thanks to you. To all the parents, thank you for letting me have the pleasure, pressure, highs and lows and a great load of fun in being part of your sons junior cricketing for the past 9 seasons
To the committee / club I would like to also thank you for your support and dedication to me and to junior cricket in the local area.
I would like to finish with a list of my quotes presented to me on a stump by the Taree touring side this year.
Line & Length, Too Short, Get it off the leg side, At the sandshoes, At his toe, Any more short balls and your not playing next week, Hit the base of the stumps, Take the pace off, I sound like a broken record, What he said, Bowling at the wickets boys and finally Good effort boys
Thanks and good luck
Andrew Rickard Coach / Manager

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