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• This brings me to Matt G and my pride and failure as a coach. Like most kids at his age, Matt G was easily distracted and could not focus at training at the start of the season. I had to keep fetching him from under the trees almost every session as he would sit there poking the ground with a stick. However it’s a completely different Matt G as the season progressed. He is the most attentive now and puts in one heck of an effort at every training session. Though Matt is a natural attacking bat who impresses me at every training session, he has not had one good innings this season. It is gut-wrenching to see him walk off with almost tears in his eyes after another short innings. However while I continue to feel his pain....the little champ himself is up and about with a smile and is out there with his mates having fun. It is just a game!!! Thank you, Matt.
Thank you to the parents for the opportunity to coach your boys and your trust and support. Thank you also for your involvement in umpiring, scoring, dressing\undressing of grounds and help with training the boys. It is very much appreciated.
Than you to Ray, Michelle, Manish and Priya for helping out the team with Alec and Rahul. They are talented cricketers and have easily bonded with the team.
Finally thank you to Kaushal for being the manager at the start of the season and to Jodi who stepped in to be the manager for most of the season due to Kaushal’s work commitments. From experience I know that a manager’s role is one of the toughest. It is a lot of hard work and they have executed it with diligence, promptness and dignity. Thanks in particular to Jodi who apart from the regular team managing, has spent enormous hours every Sunday, throughout the season, sorting out the scores in the MyCricket website. Thanks guys.
Ravi Coach
Under 13 White
10 Boys returned for another season which meant the nucleus of the team had now played together since Kanga. We welcomed Jordan Lee, Prakul and Yash to the team and it didn’t take long for all 13 to gel well. Very evident from all the “clowning around” at training from all....but the boys knew when they needed to take their cricket serious.
After going all the way last season (under 12s) and winning the competition the boys spent their first training session setting some goals for themselves. Firstly they wanted to just have fun and continue playing great cricket..... and secondly they wanted to make it through to the grand final once again. After an outstanding season the boys achieved this objective, but this season were unable to get over the final hurdle and win the grand final.
The season started a little slowly and it wasn’t until the 4th game that the boys hit their stride, but when they did they looked unbeatable. After a loss in round 3 the boys didn’t lose another game until the grand final......not an easy feat given the strength of the competition.
The boys improved this year in all facets of the game....batting, bowling and fielding. It was very pleasing to see how much effort they showed each week and how well they played as a team. Too many highlights to list here, but each and every one of the boys contributed in a big way to the team.
Boys, congratulations on a fantastic season. You did yourselves and your supporters proud in every game you played, not only by your performance but also in the way you conducted yourselves. You not only improved your cricketing skills but it is great to watch you also develop as respectful and outstanding young men.
A huge thanks to Leanne for taking on and nailing the managers role this year. Very much appreciated.
Finally a big thanks to all the parents, relatives and friends of the white team who came along in numbers every week to score, to umpire, do coffee runs, bring cakes and erect our small village each week. I can’t remember a single game all year when the boys had less support than the opposition. Great young men come from great families!
Rob Coach

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