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The aged care sector is going through ‘once in a generation’ reform to improve care for older people.
The reforms are informed by the findings from the Royal Commission into Aged Care, with the aim being that older people get high quality care, where and when they need it.
As an independent provider of services engaging over 250 provider partners to deliver supports to our customers, CCNB has spent time over the past year engaging at both Government and sector level to better understand what the reforms will bring. Our focus is now to better plan for the future.
Having input into the future of Care Management is extremely important for CCNB. We believe customers have a right to independent coordination of their services and supports that are customer centric.
CCNB advocated for the continuation of this model in the new Support at Home program by participating in a Care Management consultation workshop at the Department of Health and Aged Care (DOHAC) in Canberra.
At sector level we are working with other providers to advocate for the inclusion of independent coordination in the new Support at Home model.
Internally, we have taken steps to prepare our systems and processes in readiness for what the reforms might deliver and ensure we are future ready. This year, the number of aged care customers CCNB supported increased by 15%, and those customers are choosing to stay with CCNB longer. This means more customers are able to stay safely living in their homes, longer.
Our GP social work team assisted 228 people referred through GPs who needed extra support to address complex issues.
As word spreads about the effectiveness of this service, we are receiving many more referrals, including twice as many from outside our traditional Northern Beaches catchment.
The team are also pleased to have been able to support a greater number of indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse people.

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