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Science Club
This provides the opportunity for boys to carry out scientific research projecs with a view to gaining CREST awards or just for fun.
Year Group(s): 7
Science Journal Club
Science Journal Club is for sixth formers (although enthusiastic Upper School pupils are welcome) from Warwick or King's High who want to talk about science research and present interesting talks on relevant science topics.
Year Group(s): L6, U6
The Scientist
Working for ‘The Scientist’ magazine is a great opportunity to learn about new and exciting research, or simply to explore an area of science that interests you.
We meet one lunchtime a week for a discussion and writers of the magazine send in an article to the editor every couple of months to be printed in the next issue. Contributors to the magazine develop important skills as well as gaining knowledge and vital experience, which can be referenced on job and university applications.
Year Group(s): 10, 11, L6, U6
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Science and Technology

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