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   Badminton Club
Badminton Club is open to all students, beginners and more experienced players. Turn up and play in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, or, alternatively, the club will be introducing an in-club league option for players who would like to compete against each other and track their scores. Equipment is provided and we ask that students wear appropriate footwear and sportswear, preferably white kit and trainers.
Year Group(s): All Year Groups
Basketball Club
Basketball club is for any boys who are enthusiastic about this amazing sport. Come and have fun with your friends and improve your skills on the court.
Year Group(s): All Year Groups
Boxing for Fitness
Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today. It is suitable as a training approach for those pupils already involved in sport or as a pursuit on its own. Boxercise enhances sport specific senses including hand-eye coordination, balance, timing, stamina, strength and speed. Come along and enjoy the fun environment
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