Page 10 - Senior School Admissions Booklet 2020_2021
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Governor Scholarships (11+, 13+, 16+)
Scholarships are available to reward academic excellence and talent. They are awarded based on the results of the entrance examination and interview. All candidates at 11+ and 13+ are automatically considered. At 16+ external candidates may be awarded scholarships based on GCSE predicted grades and performance in interviews. For internal students, scholarships are based not only on GCSE results, but recognition of sustained hard work and outstanding attainment throughout the GCSE course. There is no process by which to apply for these awards.
Choral Scholarships*
Two Choral Scholarships, each to the value of £1,650 per annum, may be awarded each year to boys who have a place at Warwick School and are selected for the Choir of St. Mary’s Church, Warwick. The Choral Scholarship will be used in its entirety to remit part of the school fees at Warwick School.
An application must be completed and a form can be either downloaded from the school website or a copy requested from the Admissions Team on 01926 776414, or email
Governor Music Scholarships (11+, 13+ and 16+)*
Music Scholarships are awarded based on musical ability and potential with a satisfactory level of achievement in the entrance examination. It is important to stress that there is no absolute standard as musical ability and potential are both assessed, however it is expected that boys are approximately Grade 5 standard on their first instrument.
*Further details on eligibility for music and choral scholarships are available on our website and an application form can be downloaded. Alternatively, please contact our admissions team who will send a hard copy to you.

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