Page 11 - Senior School Admissions Booklet 2020_2021
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Warwick School, as part of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, benefits from a scheme offering the possibility of free or discounted places based on financial need for candidates aged 11 to 18. These awards are offered on a sliding scale dependent upon parental income and subject to results of entrance examination and interview.
Bursary awards are means tested. If your household income exceeds £40,000 after tax or you have substantial assets, you are unlikely to qualify. As well as the potential of a free or discounted place, help is also available towards other expenses including uniforms and educational trips.
To be considered for a bursary please download and complete the application form from the school website ( and return to the Admissions department.
Please be advised that in some cases the Foundation reserves the right to attend a home visit in order to discuss the financial schedule.
CV34 Bursaries
Additional funding has been made available specifically for those living in Warwick Town (CV34) and therefore proportionately more awards are made to Warwick residents.
School Policies
The school has a large number of policies to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Warwick School and the standards of behaviour expected by all members of its community.
The policies are listed on the website and are available as a hard copy on request, including Admissions, Child Protection and Safeguarding (which can be downloaded from the school website), Complaints, Curriculum, Discipline and Exclusions; English as an additional language, Anti-bullying; Health and Safety and Rewards and Sanctions.

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