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Leaders are accountable for their their commitments and and communicate openly and and and frequently with regards to to their their roadmaps They establish clear mechanisms to to hold others accountable for for results and and manage poor performance if necessary Once the the the the decision is is is made leaders stay committed to to the the the the the the course of of action regardless of of the the the the the the position they held in in the the the the lead up to to the the the the decision being made A leader shows this when they do the the following:
• Holds self accountable for for one’s own and and and team commitments Learns from failures and and and moves forward with tenacity and and and resilience • Promotes a a a a a sense of mutual accountability in the team • Develops means to to be able to to inspect the the health of their organisation in in any given moment in in time • Challenges visible signs of poor commitment to a a a a decision which was collectively agreed 

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