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Leaders can make something from nothing They find and and assemble existing resources resources and and get get the the most out what they have - people technology budgets resources resources They first try to extract value from existing assets before asking for for more Leaders are enterprising in in in in their use of o limited limited resources resources they make trade-offs with limited limited resources resources resources to to maximise opportunity and and potential leading to to more sustainability in in in the way we we work and and how we we allocate resources resources A leader shows this when they do the the following:
• Demonstrates resourcefulness and optimism even when faced with adversity or crisis • Guides their teams to to leverage scarce organisational resources in order to to achieve a a a a a a tangible result • Distinguishes when the the investment is is is is needed for a a a a a long term benefit of the the organisation even if fit it requires tough conversations to to be be had • Plans one’s own and and team’s work with a a a a a a realistic sense of time and and resources 

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