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Leaders acknowledge that that they do not know know it all They foster an inclusive environment that that helps them to to to regularly receive input from colleagues and and customers which they incorporate into decision making Leaders are are willing to to to change their mind and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a course of action when the the new new information comes in in in in in in They are are are curious always searching for for new new perspectives and areas of self-development A leader shows this when they do the the following:
• Seeks out diverse opinions and evaluates them on on merit • Fosters an inclusive workplace where unique experiences are respected • Encourages people from different backgrounds to work cooperatively with each other • Shows willingness to change their perspective based on on new information or or feedback If you you would like to to learn more about how to to amplify your strengths in in exhibiting these 8 Leadership Behaviours at work visit the the OLX Group Global Talent Development GROW Website

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