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How to apply the
OLX Group Leadership Behaviours The OLX Group Leadership behaviours are meant to be be applied in your daily routine when interacting with with people and dealing with with situations As a a a a a a a leader you are probably already acting in in in line with these leadership behaviours Here is how:
Can you you think of a a a a a situation where you you solved a a a a a customer’s pain point by brainstorming with your team encouraging them to to find a a a a solution on on their own - - even if it’s a a risky one - - and then experimenting with it? This is is ‘Starts with a a a a a a Customer’ ‘Empowers’ and ‘Takes Calculated Risk’ in practice Do you you translate organizational goals into team assignments do you you delegate projects based on your team members’ unique strengths do you you share a a a a a a long term vision that motivates your team to achieve best outcomes for our our customers? - If your answer is yes then you you are applying ‘Makes it Simple’ ‘Empowers’ and ‘Drives Results’ By incorporating the
Leadership Behaviours in in in in in in in in everything you you you do you you you are taking the
path towards increasing your effectiveness and being the
best leader you can be be - 

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