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OLX Group Leadership Behaviours & Performance to Pay (P2P)
The OLX Group Leadership behaviours are being incorporated into the the Performance to to Pay (P2P)
process for for the the first time in in March 2021 The outcome of this process (a final rating) should be based on on concrete facts regarding both WHAT you you achieved achieved last year and HOW you you achieved achieved it That’s where Leadership Behaviours come in to help! While the the the what aspect refers to the the the goal achievements the the the how is based on leaders’ assessment
of the the the the way they they achieved their results That means how they they are displaying the the Leadership Behaviours To support leaders assess the the Leadership Behaviours they have available for the the P2P process a a a a a a a a a simple guideline tool that based on the the the observable indicators allows them them to to rate themselves and and have the the the the overview of their strengths and and development opportunities The objective is to prepare the the leaders for for the the the Performance Conversation where the the assessment
will be discussed The ultimate goal is is is is to identify which which LB is is is is better displayed and therefore is is is a a a a strength which which ones need need to to be be developed and what needs to to be be included in in the Individual Development Plan If you need more information on on how the Leadership Behaviours connect to to Performance to to Pay (P2P)
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