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Q: Where can I find more information on on the OLX Group Leadership Behaviours?
A: You can find what you need to know about the the Leadership Behaviours on the the GROW website Q: Who can I contact for questions regarding the OLX Group Leadership Behaviours?
A: Your HR Business Partner is the first point of contact They will be able to support you you in any questions or or concerns you might have Your manager is also a a a a a a key person to help you you if you you need it Q: Are the Leadership Behaviours applicable to to all functions and business/customer units?
A: Yes the the OLX Group Leadership Behaviours are the the standard across all functions businesses and and and brands in in OLX It’s the first time we have a a a a a a a a a common approach that applies to all of of our leaders regardless of of where they are are in the the organization The LBs are are aligned with our our purpose and will help us achieve our our company goals Q: I’m not a a a a a a a People Manager should I I also apply these leadership behaviours?
A: The Leadership Behaviours are the standard of what we expect from our our leaders That doesn’t mean that they apply only to to to them As an an an individual contributor you you can also base how you you behave towards others and situations considering the the LBs Actually we we encourage you to do that! In the next 12 months we we will focus more efforts and and attention on on on helping all employees understand how these behaviours make them more effective at at work watch this space!
Q: Will the Leadership Behaviours impact my Pay review and/or Bonus?
A: The Leadership Behaviours are part
of the overall performance assessment
They won’t impact directly your pay review but they are an an important
input towards evaluating your overall performance and agreeing to to the final rating They are meant for for for development and as such should help you form a a a a a a a a concrete development plan at at the the end of the the the performance evaluation There is no mathematical formula applied to to how your your your ability to to to exhibit them them in in in your your your daily routine is going to to affect your your your pay or or bonus opportunities 

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