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Q: Is the the use of Leadership Behaviours mandatory for for for the the Performance to to Pay (P2P) process for for for all managers?
A: Yes If you are are a a a a a a a a people manager the the Leadership Behaviours are are the the the base for your self-evaluation on on the the how how aspect That means how how you you have have behaved towards people and situations in in pursuing your goals It’s the the first time we are incorporating the the the the Leadership Behaviours in in in the the the P2P process therefore we have created a a a a a a a simple assessment tool which has been designed to to to create create a a a a a a a common framework to to support you you in in this reflecting exercise If you you you you you are not a a a a a a people manager you you you you can can still use them if you you you you wish or you you you you can can apply the the the OLX values as as we have done in the the past P2P cycles Q: Can I I have some external feedback on how well am I I doing as a a a a a a a a a a a leader against the Leadership Behaviours expectations?
A: Yes we have embedded Leadership Behaviours into our our our OLX 360 Feedback tool You may request this via your HR Business partner and Global Talent Development team will will set it up for you you The 360 Feedback will will give you you an opportunity to get insights from from various perspectives: from from your manager direct reports peers and other critical stakeholders It gives you you as well the the great opportunity to identify your developmental blindspots and hidden strengths Q: What’s the difference between Values and Leadership Behaviours?
A: Values are powerful guides and and describe our our culture at a a a a a a a a deeper level and and they
are implicit They They unite us around our our company purpose They They may vary based on the companies we have acquired and merged with over time Leadership behaviours are more tangible and observable elements of how we expect our leaders to act collaborate and approach their business challenges Our ambition is to embed them in in in all all processes within the the employee journey from employer branding recruitment onboarding to development and and performance & talent management 

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