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Life Insurance

        In order to provide you and your family             working on the day before the scheduled
        financial protection in the event of a              effective date of your insurance or

        death, Chesapeake offers a range of life            increase, your insurance or increase will
        insurance options that can cover you,               not become effective until the day after
        your spouse and your children. We hope              you complete one full day of active work
        you never need to use these benefits,               as an eligible member.

        but you can rest easier knowing these               When both spouses are Chesapeake
        benefits allow you to be prepared.                  employees:

        Bear in mind that age-related reductions            n    An employee cannot be covered under
        in your employee and spouse life                      another employee’s supplemental
        insurance coverage will occur at:                     spouse policy. each must have their

           Age 65 – 69 (65%)                                  own employee supplemental life
                                                              insurance policy.
           Age 70 – 74 (50%)
                                                            n    only one employee can cover their
           Age 75 and over (35%)
                                                              children in child supplemental life.
        For life insurance and Ad&d insurance
        and disability plans, the active work

        clause applies. If you are not actively

           Basic Life and AD&D                 Supplemental Life                Supplemental AD&D

        All rates for life, supplemental, spouse

        and child life insurance can be found on

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