Page 93 - Walks In The Black Range, Vol. 4
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  Frying Pan Spring Stock Tank
 In the past, metal pipe ran from Frying Pan Spring to the stock tank (the capped spring site is shown following the map on the next page). Now hoses are used to transfer the water.
Tyler, however, was better informed when it came to flora and fauna, because he made much the same observations as Cooke regarding the quail, oak and Spanish Bayonet."

Cooke spoke of camping at the mouth of the pass and that water was north up a canyon. Cooke camped just east of where the Starvation Creek Check Dam (Detention Dam Number 4) is currently found. The glyphs are nearby,
allowing for easy exploration from that camp. His route was most likely the same as that which would become the Butterfield Stage Route from Cooke’s Spring.
The walk from the Starvation Creek Check Dam site to Frying Pan Spring (shown in red on the map on the next page) is about 4 miles roundtrip. It starts along the track

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